Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend: Check Out the Secret Love Affair

Discover the secret love affair of Shreyas Iyer in the world of cricket sport by reading this post.

Did you know the latest talk of the cricket world? It is about Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend, about whom he has kept it secret. Undoubtedly his marvelous batting was in talks. He left the spectators and audience in shock after stunning batting in the World Cup 2023. His best performances have contributed so much to the team and many young players admire him a lot.

Now recently fans have been exploring every action about Shreyas Iyer girlfriend and a list of debates goes on social media to find out who is Shreyas Iyer girlfriend, With whom is Shreyas Iyer’s affair going, What is the name of Shreyas Iyer girlfriend? You will find the answers to all these questions by the time you complete reading this post.

Diwali 2023 Celebrations stirred rumors about Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend

Team India hosted Diwali 2023 celebrations and that event stirred the cricketing community about the super secret of Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend. Surprisingly, both of them dressed in matching color attire. It gave a boost to the rumors. According to the images and other footage, that mysterious secret girlfriend of Shreyas Iyer is Trisha Kulkarni.

Although the identity remained secret for a long time many of them just knew it as Shreyas Iyer girlfriend. At various events such as World Cup 2023 and Diwali celebrations, her presence added fuel to the rumors. However, Shreyas Iyer has not announced anything officially to date.

Shreyas Iyer and Trisha Kulkarni were seen together at many moments. This sparked talk amongst fans and the audience. At a Dinner, they both were spotted together along with Indian cricketer Shardul Thakur and his wife. However, neither Trisha nor Shreyas have revealed about this matter.

Who is Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend – Trisha Kulkarni?

Trisha Kulkarni is Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend. She is the unrevealed and rumored secret affair of Shreyas Iyer. She likes to maintain a low profile and doesn’t interact much in public. Also, she owns a Private Instagram Account.

Undoubtedly, Trisha is not a person who likes public exposure and does not want to be the talk. But still, despite many rumors and fans allegedly posting Shreyas Iyer and Trisha Kulkarni photos, they both have not opened up on this topic publicly.

Shreyas Iyer Personal Life Privacy

There are different kinds of assumptions encircling Shreyas’s personal life. Especially regarding Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend, fans and media are very much excited to get a glimpse of confirmation from them.

Before Trisha Kulkarni, Was Shreyas Iyer in a Relationship with Nikitha Shiv and Dhanashree Verma?

Absolutely No! Shreyas Iyer had moments when his personal life came under scrutiny but all those were rumors. He was linked up with Nikitha Shiv, who is a businesswoman and fitness buff.

For a while, fans even mocked him along with Dhanashree Verma, who is at present the wife of Indian Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. However, it was all the false rumors that were seriously surrounding everywhere on the internet.

Recently, it is rumor of Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend Trisha Kulkarni for whom fans and media are expecting official confirmation.

Social Media Hints about Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend

Recently, fans and media have had their discussions online through social media, trying to figure out hints about Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend. People have started sharing their together-photos and having discussions in the comment section about names and details of Shreyas Secret Affair.

Surprisingly, Shreyas Iyer and his sister Shresta Iyer are following Trisha Kulkarni on social media.

Also, Trisha was sitting beside Rohit Sharma’s Wife Ritika during the semi-final match between India and New Zealand.

Social Media has become a window to the personal life and many like to peep in and watch through their windows. The gossip about Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend and about keeping it a top-secret affair adds a layer to the rumors.

Is it officially Confirmed that Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend is Trisha Kulkarni?

No! There is no such official confirmation that Trisha Kulkarni is Shreyas Iyer Girlfriend. It is the fans and media who are spreading this rumor and further rapidly spread by netizens.

However, they both clicked pictures together, were frequently seen together, had common venue visits, and matching attire. As a result, People used these moments to support their rumor.

Despite the rumor spreading so swiftly, of them neither Shreyas Iyer nor Trisha Kulkarni have confirmed anything officially.

Earlier, many false rumors scrutinized Shreyas’s personal life and he was linked with different affairs. Who knows whether Trisha Kulkarni is true as claimed in rumor or even if this is going to be false information?

To know that, we have to wait only till they both break their silence regarding this and give an official statement. Until then this matter remains a rumor.

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