The Countries Where Cricket Betting Is Popular | Top 5

Check this post to find out the top 5 countries where cricket betting is popular. Read on for complete details.

Cricket betting countries are gaining more users with the growth of this sport in recent years. Countless users now prefer to wager bets on cricket markets ahead of other sports. The rush to bet on cricket markets has created a lucrative industry for several online bookmakers and walk-in agents.

Top 5 Countries Where Cricket Betting is Popular

5. Canada

Many gambling regulations that exist do not apply to Canada, making the country a haven for many sports bettors. Some of the top sports bettors on cricket and other games are in Canada. Citizens in the country also engage in several kinds of betting on live and fantasy games.

Canada’s soft stance on betting doesn’t come without cost though. Winners are expected to pay a hefty tax from their winnings at any time. The country has a massive population that engages in live, pre-match, and series cricket betting.

4. China

Gambling is not allowed in China, but that has not stopped the country from becoming one of cricket’s biggest betting nations for years. China has a massive 1bn+ population, so there’s a lot of value in the fraction of people that engage in cricket betting in the country.

Most cricket betting websites available to the Chinese are provided by offshore companies as a safety precaution. China’s anti-gambling laws could see the cricket betting industry evaporate any minute, but for now, the country has a rich number of active bettors in the sport and others.

3. Australia

Fans of the Big Bash League for both genders and other local competitions make up a huge percentage of Australia’s cricket bettors. The country has a massive cricket betting population with many licensed bookmakers operating within its borders. Revenue generated from Australia’s betting industry on cricket each year makes it a top nation for bets on this exciting sport.

2. India

It’s no surprise that India has a massive cricket betting population. Fans of the national team, Indian Premier League (IPL), and local leagues tend to play more cricket bets than other sports in India. Legislation banning cricket betting is not expansive in India, even if some local laws have almost outlawed the practice.

Millions of bettors in India bring massive revenue to the cricket betting industry every season with their insightful stakes in many leagues. No wonder dozens of the hottest cricket markets with great value are available to bettors in India.

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) has a massive history in cricket and is the top country where cricket betting is popular besides India. UK sports betting has a massive appeal and many bettors invest in markets ranging from cricket to soccer and horseracing. Many bettors in England wager their funds on County Cricket Games, The Hundred, and other domestic leagues.

It’s also not so surprising that the UK has a good percentage of its cricket bettors staking on foreign leagues like IPL, Big Bash League, and many other competitions. Bettors in the UK also engage in international cricket events like the ODI World Cup, Twenty20 WC, and many more. UK’s betting industry on cricket and other sports is worth tens of millions every week.

Other Countries With a Large Population of Cricket Bettors?

South Africa

South Africa is the most popular cricket nation on the continent. The country has a decent percentage of its active betting population in cricket markets and many investors search for value in different areas. Betting became more popular in the mid-1990s in South Africa and heroics involving the country’s top players in international events stirred players’ interest in cricket betting.


The largest African nation with the most bettors on-continent bettors by a mile. Nigeria has a decent fraction of its sports investors that wager bets on cricket games. Nigerians do not follow cricket as much as other countries like South Africa or Zimbabwe; however, the country’s bettors search for value in all unique markets.


Believe it or not, but the Muslim-majority country has a healthy population of active cricket bettors. Affirmative evidence of such a population was on display recently with the launch of Crickex Pakistan. Many lovers of the game engage in different betting markets for profit even if they claim not to encourage betting based on religious beliefs.

Do the Top Cricket Betting Countries Have Many Fans?

Yes, some of the top nations where cricket betting is popular are top countries in this sport. It is no coincidence that the top five cricket betting nations have so many fans who appreciate every aspect of the sport.

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