The Detailed and Short Guide About 100-Ball Cricket

The following information will talk about the complete guidelines on how the 100-ball cricket works.

Can you imagine a shorter format of a game rather than the Twenty20 matches? Many nail-baiting finishes, power-hitting strokes, and thinking out of the box instantly captivate the attention of every audience with the 100-ball cricket in the fast-paced lifestyle of the present generation. 

Most of the time, you might have watched cricket matches played in 3 different formats: Tests, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 internationals (T20Is). At times, even the T10 league matches entertain audiences with the faster pace of its nature.

But, have you ever come across the term “100-ball cricket” in the sport? Many cricket fans might not have experienced the rarest format of cricket with its condensed overs and strategic twists.

However, the match is a compressed version of a traditional 50-over game per inning. Many interesting rules like the powerplay overs and field restrictions, match length, timeout duration, and maximum quota for a bowler.

To understand the rules, it is essential to know what is 100-ball cricket its evolution, and the crucial reasons to watch the shorter format of the game.

What is 100-ball cricket?

As the title justifies, 100-ball cricket consists of 100 deliveries per inning. It is shorter than the T20Is (120 deliveries per inning) and ODIs (300 balls per inning).

Whichever side scores the maximum runs wins the match. As a result, many high-scoring games and thriller contests can be witnessed by the spectators.

Moreover, the match is divided into 20 overs format. But, many cricket enthusiasts frequently find themselves confused about how 100 balls can be bowled as 20 overs. The concept is SIMPLE!

Interestingly, each over consists of 10 balls rather than the traditional method of 6 deliveries. Particularly, the fielding side changes after every 10 balls.

Especially, after a caught dismissal, the batsman at the non-striker’s end returns to the original position.

Evolution of 100-ball cricket

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) introduced the concept of “The Hundred” by planning a new format in 2018.

The main idea of planning for a 100-ball cricket is to attract new audiences on a larger scale as well as to retain the existing spectators’ engagement rate.

However, the ECB made its official announcement in 2019. Eight new teams were established to represent different cities in England and were allocated using the draft system. Out of which, it includes an equal distribution of four men’s and women’s teams each.

Before the launch of the competition named “The Hundred” officially, the higher authorities experimented with the format by conducting several amateur local league matches across England.

The inaugural season of 100-ball cricket took place in 2021 with the Women’s cricket team match between the Oval Invincibles and the Manchester Originals on July 21st.

Subsequently, on July 22nd, 2021, the match between Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals of the men’s cricket team took place.

There were mixed reactions from several fans globally. Some praised the 100-ball cricket format as a unique innovation, whereas a few others criticized the tampering of the traditional rules of the sport.

100-ball Cricket Rules: Important Guidelines

Starting from the powerplay overs to the maximum quota for a bowler, the rules of 100-ball cricket are unique. It completely varies from the conventional practices of the sport:

Powerplay Overs and Field Restrictions:

The first 25 out of 100 balls in an innings will be considered as the powerplay overs.

During the powerplay, a team’s skipper places a maximum of 2 fielders outside the 30-yard circle.

Unlike the standard limited-overs game, the match officials allocate two powerplay blocks of 5 overs each in 100-ball cricket. Typically, the powerplay overs occur between the 6th to 10th over and the 16th to 20th over of the innings.

Match Length:

Every match of “The Hundred” lasts for two and a half hours.

Timeout Duration:

The match officials allocate a 90-second timeout for the bowling side. Especially, in a 100-ball cricket the coach walks out to the middle of the field to discuss the tactics.

Whereas, each team can utilize the strategic timeout of two-and-half minutes per inning.

Many league matches continued with the concept of Strategic Timeout with the popularity of the Indian Premier League.

Bowlers Maximum Quota:

A Bowlers can either deliver 5 or 10 consecutive balls in an over based on the captain’s decision.

In a 100-ball cricket, each bowler can bowl up to a maximum of 20 deliveries per match.

Reasons to watch the 100-ball cricket: A perfect entertainment in the shorter format

After gaining immense popularity and success, fans are eager to observe whether “The Hundred” replaces the traditional format of cricket or not.

Here are the main reasons why many cricket fans find 100-ball cricket exciting and make it appealing to wider new audiences:

1. Relaxed fielding restrictions:

In the powerplay, the fielding restrictions are relaxed by limiting only 2 fielders at the boundaries. Consequently, batsmen score maximum runs with the encouragement and freedom to play big shots during the powerplays.

There are more opportunities for the teams to score runs instantly in 100-ball cricket and batsmen can achieve many sensational records.

2. Dynamic Pace of the game:

Specifically, people who do not have ample time to watch a match can enjoy the dynamic pace of the game. Unlike the 50 overs game that lasts for more than 8 hours, the 100-ball cricket is short and crisp, thereby concluding a match within 2.5 hours.

3. Change in Balls:

Mainly, after the 30th delivery, the bowler balls with a new ball. In 100-ball cricket, it becomes challenging for a batsman to adjust to his strategy in the later stages of the game.

4. Smaller Boundary Size:

The smaller boundary size in a match enhances the excitement levels of the viewers. In a 100-ball cricket, a team’s batsmen can easily clear the ropes by striking the highest number of fours and sixes per inning.

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