The Different Types of Bowling in Cricket Sport

Learn in this post some types of bowling in cricket sports. To know more about it, check this article!

Cricket is a very famous outdoor sport in the world. One delivers the ball, which is called bowling. The other side hits the ball with a bat which is called batting. During a cricket match, bowlers use various bowling styles and techniques. Bowling in Cricket is one thing that keeps the game interesting and turns it into a real chess match. However, the basic way of categorizing bowling is splitting into two basic styles fast and slow. In addition, this will not give you a full picture of all types of bowling in the game. In this article, you will learn about some types of bowling on display in a cricket match. 

Fast Bowling:

It is one of the two types of Bowling in Cricket. There used to be a time when good line and length delivers, along with dangerous swing and bounce, were the heart and soul of every fast bowler. However, fast bowlers mainly depend on the ball’s speed to deceive the batters. As they bowl at a very fast speed, even a slight moment in a ball in the course of its path can easily beat the batter and lead to dismissal. 

In addition to bowling at very high speed, a bowler’s major skill is to generate this small moment after they release the bowl from their hand. This deviation from the path is very useful to fox the batsman and get him out. There are several different ways a fast bowler can deceive a batter. They are also famous for different types of fast bowling.

Reverse Swing:

When the ball is new, it is very easy for the fast bowler to use the techniques of in-swing and out-swing. It becomes fairly difficult for the bowler to swing the ball when it gets old. When the ball loses its luster, its upper surface becomes rough. It will make it very hard for the ball to swing. Reverse swing is the most famous type of Bowling in Cricket. The beauty of reverse swing is that it is done with the old ball. As the name indicates, the bowler makes the ball out-swing by in-swing action. The batsman doesn’t know in which direction the ball will swing. 


They are one of the most deadly deliveries in cricket. The bouncer is usually the ball that pitches short in length and directs at head height. A well-directed bouncer can do more than just beat the batter. It is the dangerous type of Bowling in Cricket. Due to the jeopardous nature of bouncer, its rules have been changed many times. Now, a bowler can bowl two bouncers per over in ODIs and just one in T20s. 

Spin Bowling:

It is usually less than 70 miles per hour. Slow bowlers try to impart spin on the ball. It means that as the ball comes into contact with the surface, it can deviate and instantly change its direction. In slow bowling, some deliver spin, some don’t, and some may hit a crack and go in a completely different direction.

The off-spinner will deliver the ball inwards to the right-hand batsman and outward to the left-hand batsman. Bowler uses their middle finger for spin bowling. On the other hand, a leg-spin ball is delivered by using the wrist, and in this, the ball goes in for the left-hand batsman and out for the right-hand batsman. Here are some of the famous types of Spin Bowling in Cricket.

Leg Spin Bowling:

It is the most difficult skill to master. That’s why there are very few leg spinners as compared to off-spinners. However, the leg spin can be tremendous and pose a greater challenge to any batter. In addition, making a grip is far more difficult, with the highest joints on the middle and index fingers that hold the ball across the seam. After that, the ball rests between the third finger and the thumb. When the bowler releases the ball, the wrist flick, and the third finger turns the ball anti-clockwise. 

The function of the wrist leg spins bowling means that this type of bowler is often known as a wrist spinner. Furthermore, Chinaman bowlers are also another name for left-arm leg spinners. This term is now slowly disappearing from the cricket lexicon.

Off Spin Bowling:

When a right-hand bowler uses the fingers to move the ball, it is called off-spin bowling in Cricket. Usually, the bowler delivers the bowl from the off side towards the leg side for the right-hand batter. However, the left-hand spinners turn the ball using the same motion. They use their first two fingers to impart some spin on the ball. In addition, the ball naturally will go in the other direction, from the offside toward the leg of the right-hand batter. It is famous as the off-break delivery.


The design for the perfect proportion of a Bowling in Cricket doesn’t remain the same always. It depends on the format, the opponent team’s batters, the state of the pitch, and the weather, A mixture of these bowlers in perfect proportion stabilize the team’s bowling unit.

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