The Different Types of Dismissals in Cricket Sport

The following are some of the most common types of dismissals in cricket. If you want to learn more about them, please read this blog post.

Cricket is one of the greatest and most popular sports. Many fans watch international and national matches, and the craze is always increasing. 11 players from both teams try to win. In addition, the batter aims to score maximum runs for the team. On the other hand, the bowler aims to take the batter’s wicket to get credit for his team and himself. Mostly, the bowlers are experts and are on the team due to their bowling skills. In cricket sports, dismissals occur when the batter’s period brings to an end by the bowler of the opponent team. 

In simple words, it is said as the batter is out. However, the out-batter should leave the field at once permanently for the innings of their team. They will replace by their teammate. The key purpose of dismissal is that the out batter will not be able to score runs in that innings. Originally, there were 11 types of dismissals, but as the laws of cricket changed, there are 10 different types of dismissals in cricket as of 2022. It plays a major role in cricket, and they are pivotal to the overall result of the match. Here are a few main types of dismissals in cricket.


It is the most popular type of dismissal in cricket. This mode of dismissal comes under law 33. The umpire gives an out to the batter if the ball touches the bat and catches. However, some important things to remember when considering the caught dismissal. The batter is out even if the hand holding the ball is touching the ground. It is considered out even if the fielder catches the ball after it hits the umpire, any other fielder, another batter, or any equipment of the batter or runner. 

When the fielder catches the ball even after the ball crosses the boundary in the air. Furthermore, the fielder doesn’t touch the boundary or the ground beyond the boundary while holding the ball. 

If the ball accidentally lodges in the clothing of the fielder, it also considers being out-caught. 

A batter gets a new life if the delivery is no ball.


Bowled out is a method of dismissal that comes under law 32. The batter is out if the wicket falls by the ball. However, it is not considered out if the ball touches the other player, umpire, bat, gloves, or any other part of the batter before falling the wicket. It is one of the most common types of cricket sports dismissals. Additionally, if the ball deflects to the bat and bowls the batter, the informal term is knocked-on, played on, or dragged on. If the batter’s wicket is put down without making contact with the ball, it is considered clean bowled. 

Keep in mind that there are many variations in clean bowls, including bowled through the gate. It means where the mall moves through the bat and pad of the batter. Bowled around the leg, which means where the ball moves behind the batter and hits the stumps. Remember that the batter can’t be out for no ball, dead ball, or wide.


It is one of the common types of dismissals in cricket. Usually, it involves just the bowler. A batter is LBW when the bowl delivers the ball that looks to be hitting the stump. Furthermore, but stops by the batter using anything except the bat. However, the rules of this one of the most interesting types of cricket sports dismissals are a bit more complex. Apart from hitting the ball to the stumps, there are three other factors that you need to consider to validate whether the ball hits the stumps or not. The factors include are:

  • The ball should hit the pitch in line with the stumps or outside the off stumps.
  • The ball impact with the batter should be in line with the stumps.
  • Ideally, the ball’s impact with the batter should be mower or almost the knee length of the batter. The next is to judge the height of the ball after impact.


Cricket is a competitive sport, where the team has to take the maximum of ten wickets of the opponent team. It is a fact that the team can’t win the match if the bowlers are unable to get most of the wickets. cricket sports dismissals are an essential part of the game, which is very important to understand. However, the cricket laws can be complex, but these are pivotal to gameplay. They also increase the understanding and enjoyment of the viewers.

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