What are the Longest Cricket Overs Ever Played?

Take a look at some of the longest cricket overs in history. If you’re interested, we recommend reading this post.

Cricket is the simplest and easy to understandable sport. When we talk about bowling, a bowler must deliver six legal bowls in one single over. However, his team goes on to bowl how many ever overs they need to, depending on the game’s format. Sometimes bowlers miss their line and length, so they must deliver more than six deliveries. Some players in cricket history deliver the longest cricket overs. In addition, a team on the batting side needs to score as many runs as they can in those overs to set a good target for their opponents.  

The batting team also needs to follow the same rule when chasing their opponent’s target. Not all the time, bowlers get their act right. Some bowlers need a bit longer to settle into their groove and rhythm. Sometimes they go a bit beyond the norm. In this case, they have to deliver more than six balls, and they over become too long. Few bowlers deliver the longest cricket overs in the history of cricket. Let’s look at some longest overs that have been delivered in the game’s history. 

Bert Vance:

Twenty-two balls over of Bert Vance is officially recorded as the worst over to be delivered ever in the history of cricket. It is undoubtedly one of the longest cricket overs. The unfortunate record holder, Bert Vance, belongs to New Zealand. 

Daryl Tuffey:

Some of the most experienced and trusted bowlers get the chance to open the bowling attack for a team. It is the case, especially in limited-overs cricket. Always keep the batter on their toes to score runs in a hurry. They are trying to hit big shots as many times as possible. So when Daryl Tuffey was asked to take the new ball against Australia in one day international in the year 20915, nobody would ever think that he suddenly forgot how to bowl. At that time, he delivers one of the longest cricket overs in international cricket. 

The right-arm seamer delivers a staggering 14 balls in one over to the destructive Adam Gilcrist. However, Australia is standing 15 runs at one point without any loss. Tuffey sprayed the ball around without any control. The woeful over has four wide balls and so many no-balls. When he finished the over, Australia reached a score of 31. 

Mohammed Sami:

He is one of the fastest bowlers in the world during his prime. Mohammed Sami burst onto the international scene during the Pakistan tour of New Zealand in 2001. Unfortunately, he is also a holder of an unwanted record in cricket. Sami delivers one of the longest cricket overs in the history of Day International cricket, comprising a whopping 17 deliveries. 

Sami get this worst record against Bangladesh at the 2004 Asia Cup. He delivers seven wide balls and four no balls to concede 22 runs. In this match, he could not make a lasting impression on Pakistan because he was highly inconsistent and delivered the bowl with erratic lines. 

Scott Boswell:

During the final match of the C&G Trophy at the iconic Lords stadium, Leicestershire squared off Somerset. As medium pacer Scott Boswell starts him over, he might not imagine what was in store. He delivers a nightmarish over lasting 14 balls, in which there are six wide balls.

Incidentally, he had been the best bowler for Leicestershire in the semi-final of the championship. His four-wicket haul was one of the major reasons behind the team’s surge to the title clash—unfortunately, the horror show in the final marked end of the professional career of the bowler. 

Curtly Ambrose:

Curtly Ambrose’s exploits in Australia are the stuff of legends. Time and again, Ambrose dismantled the Australian batting lineup by extracting extra bounce from the very hard pitches down under. WACA was his favorite hunting ground in the country. However, the same place also sees him bowl one of the longest cricket overs of his eventful career. During the Perth Test in 1997, he delivered the worst over in the history of test cricket.

Repeatedly over, stepping his mark Ambrose conceded as many as nine no-balls to deliver the longest 15-ball over. In addition, he went on to bowl six more no-balls in his next over. Other bowlers and team captain Courtney Walsh promptly removed him from the attack.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world—people from all over the world like to watch or play this sport. Bowling plays a key role in the final result of every match. There are just a limited six bowls in one over, but sometimes a few misfortunes happen during the match. In this case, bowlers have to deliver the longest cricket overs, which is not good for their team.

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