What is a Duck in Cricket? Guide & Origin Duck

Learn about duck in cricket, its origins, and the different types in this post. Check out this article for more details.

One of the die heart cricket fans loves the term. The term in cricket can be used for the batman who gets out on the zero scores. It means batman gets the reward of the duck. The reason for that is the player gets out on the zero scores. In other words, it also says without making any of the runs. The term has been used since the 18 century. At that time, cricket games can play with a wooden bat and a ball. The bat and the ball are made from the lather and the cork.

While in the other case, if the batsman hits the ball by using the bottom of the bat. It generates noise just like the quacking. It is one of the bad times for the player. Similarly, the player is not able to play amazingly. The term in the game is also available in a variety of types. The variety of the term duck is the golden and the diamond. The game depends on the specific point in their inning.  


One of the funny origins of the cricket term is relevant to the animal name. At the same time, the term arrives due to the shape of the duck egg. The shape of the egg is in the form of a zero. During playing, the term can use to show the player a zero score. It only means that the batters get out on the zero scores. The term depends on the interesting story.

The story is relevant to the British king and his players. 1866, a match is held between Norfolk and the zari. The player, Edward, gets the batting and gets out on the second ball. The player is not able to get a single run on the score. In this way, the left follower is in sad mode. In contrast, it is one of the generous news for the reporter of the daily time news. So the reporter amazingly sprits the news.

They spirit the news that the prince returns to the pavilion to get the egg. From that time, the term starts using in the game. So whenever batman gets out without a single run. So the player can declare out on the duck egg. In other words, we use the term for the player losing the wicket without any run.

Types of the Ducks in the Cricket:

The term can change the complete game situation. Due to the term, the game leads completely in a different way. At the same time, the various type of duck is relevant to the different points of the inning.

Regular Duck:

The player achieves the generic duck when facing at least four balls. While the player never has to miss the ball. In the other case, they get out of the play.

Golden Duck:

As the player, when the first battle is a miss, so the golden duck will occur. The duck can use throughout the cricket world. In other words, we also say there are no variation changes. The golden term can toss before the play by using the golden coin. Similarly, the winning player also gets the gold medal at the Olympics.

Diamond Duck:

The case of the diamond type is quiet. At the same time, the term occurs when the betting man loses his wicket. The batman lost the wicket without playing the single ball in this case. If batman gets run out while taking the run and cause out. It is one of the most dangerous situations for the player if the player calls the duck out. In other words, we also say it depends on the player’s thoughts. Due to getting out, the player does not get the single run.

Silver Duck:

The type can include a variety of terms. At the same time, the term can use when the batter gets out on the second ball of the inning. The ball can deliver by the bowler without opening its card score. It can declare as one of the types of terms.

Diamond Duck:

The term can consider when the player is out without playing or facing the ball. In other words, it also calls as zero balls. At the same time, it is also unlucky for the player when they miss the chance the score.  


The term can use amazingly in cricket. In contrast, the term is also in a variety of types. In each case of the duck, the player gets out without a single run. The story regarding the term is amazing. As for the complete info, you only have read the above article. Check out the website and get the latest update.

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