What To Expect From The Season of IPL Cricket 2023?

Read this post to know what to expect in the upcoming season of the IPL Cricket 2023.

IPL cricket 2023 will be the most heart-touching season we have ever had. Since the very beginning, it has been receiving overwhelming support from cricket lovers worldwide. The BCCI tries to add different features and ideas every year. Although during the pandemic, the tournament had to be held outside the country afterward, when it returned, people finally got relieved. However, the upcoming Indian Premier League will commence very soon for the year 2023. A number of people are waiting with huge excitement for one of the greatest sports events in the world. Here in this article, I shall discuss the formats, new rules, and expectations from the upcoming event.

Format for IPL cricket 2023:

The format of the IPL cricket 2023 season will be the same as the last year, but there will be some changes in the venues and dates. Following are the explained details of the IPL 2023 Format:

The 10 teams are divided into two different groups of five. A random draw was used to decide the groups and who faces whom across the groups once and two times. At the group level, each team plays 14 matches facing the other 4 teams in their group twice each, 4 teams in the other group once, and the remaining team twice.

IPL Points Table system is like the team winning a game will be awarded 2 points. The losing team will not receive any issues. In case of a draw, both of the teams will get 1 point. A 4-game playoff stage following the Page playoff schedule is held after the league stage. Four games have been fixed to be played in the playoffs:

Qualifier 1 will be played between the teams ranked first and second in the group stage.

Eliminator will be played between the teams ranked third and fourth in the group stage.

Qualifier 2 will be played between the lost team of Qualifier 1 and the winner of the Eliminator.

Final will be played between the winners of Qualifiers 2 and 1.

New rules for IPL cricket 2023:

IPL 2023 New Rules: BCCI introduced a new Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023 season and brought up a major change in the history of IPL. Apart from this, the tournament will also follow the same rules as the last edition. Following is the information on the IPL 2023 regulations:

IPL 2023 to have 2 DRS for each inning. Upon a catch dismissal, regardless of whether the batters have crossed. The incoming batter will take the leading strike, except if it’s the last ball of that over. If any one of the teams fails to find their players due to COVID-19. The BCCI will try to reschedule the game later in IPL cricket 2023. If rescheduling is not possible, then IPL Technical Team will see the matter.

In Playoffs/Final, especially if Super Over or subsequent Super Overs cannot be finished for some reason. The team that has finished higher in the league will be declared the winner.

The expectations from IPL cricket 2023:

Every year we expect many more things from IPL, some of them get successful, and only some remain due for the next year. However, IPL cricket 2023 is coming with great excitement with ten teams, as I said in the earlier lines. The overall budget for this season has also been increased. Even we noticed on the grand auction day that there were numerous interchanges of cricketers among the franchisees.

Like all previous years, Kohli fans expect their idol to lift the trophy for the first time this year. We saw in the past years that RCB failed to win any of the IPL seasons in spite of qualifying in the finales.

Recently MS Dhoni has also announced that the upcoming season is going to be his last. So, it will be an expectation from all the Dhoni fans to see him as the champion for the very last time in the stage of IPL.

Preity Zinta expects this year her team to win the upcoming season of IPL as she has been supporting it so loud since the very beginning. Therefore, like her, all the owners of the teams would love to see the cricketers in their teams performing well and pushing the teams upwards.

Wrap lines:

In the ending lines, we expect the IPL cricket 2023 to be the best tournament that the world has ever seen. All the players should play with respect to each other, maintaining basic gentleness. Finally, we expect it to be a safe and secure tournament that will give us moral satisfaction.

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