Which Sport Has The Bigger Fan Base, Cricket or Football?

Sport with a Bigger Fan Base, Cricket or Football – Which is the Undisputed King of the Sports?

When it comes to international global sports, the first 2 sports that come to our mind are CRICKET and FOOTBALL. Undoubtedly, these 2 sports have succeeded in captivating the fan base with their exciting gameplay. But when it comes to choosing one of these two sports, it becomes a topic of debate!

But here we are going to comparatively analyse these two sports and discuss what makes them so popular and globally special.

FOOTBALL is the World’s Most Popular Sport!

Football also known as soccer, remains to be the undisputed king of sports. Do you know why it is said so? It is because of the largest fan base globally with approximately 3.3 to 4.2 billion fans.

Also, football is a sport that brings together many continents, cultures, and communities. However, one of the main factors contributing to its popularity is the simplicity and appealing game format.

Therefore, football is a game which can be played anywhere, from the favelas of Brazil to the streets of India, making it a sport for the masses.

The FIFA World Cup is the peak football season of global tournaments. Also, the 2022 edition stands out generating a stunning revenue of about $7.8 billion. Therefore, this monetary figure not only shows the sport’s financial strength but also its capability of drawing billions of viewers across the globe.

CRICKET is a Passionate Sport with a Huge Following

Undoubtedly Cricket has a great following but is not universally followed like football. Still, it holds an impressive fan base of around 2.4 billion globally.

Also, Cricket has a stronghold in countries such as — Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In these countries, cricket is not just a sport to pass the time, but it is a major part of their culture.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the most prestigious event of this sport. Although the Cricket revenue is abundant and noteworthy, still it doesn’t match up to that of the football’s World Cup.

The United States is a country where Cricket’s popularity is on the rise. We could witness that over 30 million fans and important events like the T20 World Cup 2024 are further boosting the nation’s profile.

However, Cricket is the sport which is anticipated the most for its inclusion in the LA28 Olympic Games. Thus, it would become another milestone and cricket will receive an expanded reach globally.

Which Country Hosted The Most ICC Cricket World Cup?

Comparative Analysis: CRICKET vs FOOTBALL

Both the sports, Cricket and Football have gained immense popularity. But when it comes to choosing one, it becomes a concentrated debate.

Looking into the reality, Football takes the lead with its massive fan base compared to Cricket. Hence, football is a sport that has universal appeal, with its presence in almost every country. With this point, Football takes over Cricket.

Also, the club-based structure in Football tends to keep the audience in continuous engagement throughout the year. Whereas, cricket is more focused only on international matches.

FOOTBALL vs CRICKET: Popularity in Respective Regions

According to the latest reports, Football has a stronger and larger fan base globally, compared to cricket.

Football has a stronghold in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Parts of Asia.

Cricket has a stronghold in the following regions:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Australia
  • England

If you observe the above list, Football has a wider popularity (in terms of continents). Whereas Cricket has a good popularity (in terms of countries).

Why is CRICKET less popular than FOOTBALL?

Cricket has a more complex structure than football. Also, the dominance of longer formats in cricket is observed as one of the major reasons for its lesser popularity compared to football.

Above all, football’s fast-paced gameplay and the simple nature of the game attracted a larger audience. Especially, Football has global success in terms of video game franchises like the popular FIFA. Thus, it has contributed to Football’s widespread appeal.


Despite cricket having abundant revenue and a passionate fan base, football remains the world’s most popular sport.

Football wasn’t just named as the ‘Undisputed King of Sports’. This is because of the sport’s simplicity, accessibility, and global reach which have fetched a massive following.

As anticipated by the audience and spectators, if Cricket is included in the LA28 Olympic games, it will start gaining immense popularity.

However, as years pass, both the sports — Cricket and Football continue to grow and evolve. Although they have different rules and hold their special place in different regions of the world, they unite the nations through their sporting passions.

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