Why Is It Called A Roof Cricket Stadium?

Because of its flexible roof, Roof Cricket Stadiums can play cricket even in severe weather.

It is called a Roof Cricket Stadium, because of its flexible roof that makes cricket match playing possible even during severe weather conditions. The roof allows open and close options based on requirements according to weather. With the roof cricket technology, the exciting game will continue despite cloudy, rainy or stormy weather conditions.

According to reports in May 2023, Docklands Stadium is the world’s only retractable roof cricket stadium. Also, popularly known by the name Marvel Stadium or Telstra Stadium, it is located in Melbourne, Australia. This large stadium has a 54,000 accommodating capacity with a 38-meter-high roof which has open and close options in just 8 minutes.

Marvel Stadium is widely recognized for hosting the popular AFL and BBL games. Also, it hosts many international events, including — the UFC, Soccer World Cup Qualifiers, and International Rugby Union tests. With retractable technology, the Roof cricket stadium becomes a gigantic dome-like structure where the matches will continue playing even if the rain starts.

There are other large stadiums, like the Narendra Modi Stadium in India, but they do not have roofs. Except for the audience seating place, there is no roof covering the ground. Also, these roofs are not retractable. As a result, weather conditions might affect the match.

Let us further explore whether roof cricket stadiums are expensive and if yes, then why are they expensive? You need to know the difference between retractable roofs and fixed-type roof cricket stadiums. Also, you will get to know the factors deciding the cost such as Roof Cricket Stadium Type, Stadium size, Location and Construction costs.

Is a Roof Cricket Stadium expensive?

It is not a fixed statement that Roof Cricket Stadiums are expensive because we cannot determine the exact cost. It is undeniable that a Roof cricket stadium is costlier than a normal cricket stadium.

Many baseball courts in the United States have roof facilities. Skydome is a multipurpose roof stadium in Toronto and is worth $510 million. In Houston, The Minute Maid Park baseball roof stadium costs $330 million. However, the cost completely depends on the stadium’s size and other technical requirements.

Did you know? BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is the most influential cricketing board in the world. As of the latest reports, under the ICC’s new finance model, the board might earn approximately up to $240 million per year. This could be possible between the years 2024-2027. However, with just the IPL media rights, BCCI earned a whopping sum of INR 48,390 crores.

Why is Roof Cricket Stadium Expensive?

There are a few factors based on which the Roof Cricket Stadium is expensive, and here is a detailed breakdown of various factors.

Roof Cricket Stadium Type:

The roof stadium type is an important factor and one of the basic points. There are 2 different types of roof stadiums and both have different costs based on varied requirements.

  • If it is a Retractable Roof Stadium, there is an advantage that matches can be hosted even during severe stormy weather. But the cost would be very high as it comes with highly complex mechanical systems. The retractable roof cost is higher than the fixed roof cost.
  • Fixed Roof Stadium is completely covered and is permanent. But it limits the gameplay during unfavourable and dangerous weather conditions. Therefore, fixed-roof stadiums are cheaper than retractable-roof stadiums.

Stadium Size:

It depends on the stadium size, as it requires a lot of roof structures and materials that lead to high costs. Also, a few factors including — Game play area dimensions and audience seating capacity will decide the overall budget according to the required roof size.

Location and Construction Costs:

The Construction costs including — Labour and material costs differ greatly based on the stadium location. So naturally this influences the overall budget of the roof cricket stadium project.

Additional Features:

Some additional features make roof cricket stadium more expensive. It includes bright lighting, excellent air conditioning, and proper drainage systems. Although these additional features are necessary to enhance the overall experience but increase the cost too.

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Conclusive facts about roof cricket stadium:

A roof cricket stadium is not necessarily to be expensive. But the technologically advanced stadium, demands more cost.

Narendra Modi Stadium in India has the world’s largest cricket stand. However, it does not have a retractable roof. But still, the construction was priced around $35.5 million (INR 2.45 billion). Whereas, the entire project of the stadium cost $105 million (INR 7.8 billion).

Skydome baseball stadium in Toronto is equipped with a retractable roof, and it cost around $500 million to build.

Soon, many cricket stadiums will undergo modifications. It will launch retractable or fixed-type roof cricket stadiums.

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